Family Chiropractic Clinic

Family Chiropractic Clinic



Good morning to all. I'm sure that most of you are aware that we have settled into our new location at 3042 Yonge street. A new dawn is upon us after 18 years at the 3080 building. We leave behind many memories and are eager to begin new adventures and stories over the next decade. It is my pleasure to introduce our team to you, most are familiar faces, some are new. Leading our department of naturopathic medicine is Dr. Cinzia Genuardi. As difficult as her name is to sound out with a mouth full of soda crackers, she brings over a decade of experience and a lifetime of intuitive creativity to our office. I have had the pleasure of working with her for many years and can't begin to illustrate her value to this team. Dr. David Feldman is our resident animal chiropractor and has been working at FCC for over 10 years. This is a new interest for him and one that embraces with passion. Although his main focus is on dogs and cats, he is not averse to adjusting your pet fish and the occasional humanoid. The massage therapy team we have on staff is prepared to deliver quality service 5 days a week. We are happy to introduce the newest member of the team, Andrew Lyons. He started with us just before our move. Filippo Perzia and Bibi Wong round out the squad.

We all hope you are enjoying this late spring and hope to see all of you at our new location. Our ship is now running at full impulse and will soon reach warp potential.